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The energy region of Lusatia, located on the southern border of Berlin, connects economy, science, cultural landscape and quality of life in a unique way.

This scientific and technology region is characterized by a diversity of small, mid-sized, and large companies. Innovation-oriented production and service sector operations profit from a strong scientific network in the Lusatian energy region. The institutes of higher education in the region offer specialized degree programs that focus specifically on Brandenburg and Lusatia. These programs are designed for young academics who are studying engineering and business administration.  Skilled personnel in the region.

The energy region of Lusatia - a region that wins you over with more than its economic potential! In addition to the important emphasis on industry, the region has rapidly developed into an attractive residential and tourist area over the last few years.

Feel free to contact us about the development of your business, and take advantage of the numerous benefits the Lusatian energy region has to offer.

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Energieregion Lausitz-Spreewald GmbH
Am Turm 14  |  03046 Cottbus
Telefon: 0355/28890402  |  Fax: 0355/28890405
E-Mail: info@energieregion-lausitz.de

Geographical Position of the Region

The energy region of Lusatia lies in the heart of an open Europe. The metropolis of Berlin, with its one-of-a-kind urban center, borders Lusatia to the north.

Transportation accessibility is guaranteed many times over. Highways and well-built state roads traverse the region. The Berlin-Schönefeld airport and the airports in Dresden are just under an hour away. The railway network is solidly connected throughout the region. The long distance bike paths that span the region are excellent.  Even the waterways are easily reached from the energy region of Lusatia.


Regional Growth Centers

These are the motors that drive the region. The focal point of the Brandenburg federal state government's economic development package is based on the concept of "regional growth centers". Regions that, in addition to a having minimum number of inhabitants, contain an existing scientific and economic infrastructure, profit from special assistance.

The Schönefelder Kreuz's dynamism is supplied by the airport. Spremberg is known for its power generation and industrial competence. The RWK area of West Lusatia is somewhat more broadly organized as it focuses on the competence fields of the automotive industry, synthetics/chemical engineering, logistics, and metallurgy. The growth centers around the city of Cottbus are made up of corporations in the energy and the railway vehicle manufacturing sectors, as well as new innovations and spin-off companies patronized by the BTU.


Industry and Technology parks with Space and Form

Inventors and visionaries are heartily welcome in the Lusatian energy region. The region is populated by multiple industrial and technology parks that are distributed throughout the whole region. These parks not only offer space and the best location conditions, their configurations are also attractive. For example, in some parks, the focus is on synthetics and chemical materials, in others, it is on power generation engineering or logistics. Other parks are centered on the fields of aerospace engineering or life science. The existing synergies in each park would be pleased to welcome new partners.

Industrial areas

Technology parks: